Sunday, 25 September 2016

Grading Scale

It was exam time of last year when the rumors around school started spreading about the new grading system. Although the dean of academics was my advisor, he provided a little insight on what was happening in the administration during that time. Disbelief, anxiety, and uncertainty were just some of the emotions circulating among the students. Of course, the seniors were ecstatic that they left just in time before this new found rule was implemented, the rest of us weren’t that lucky. The class of ‘018 has been regarded as smart, hardworking and unmatchable on countless occasions, would we ever win the GPA award again? Or was our title of intelligence ripped away by something that was supposed to benefit us in the long run? Would colleges acknowledge the fact that Woodstock decided to change the grading scale in our most crucial year of high school? It was agreed that this trimester would be of the utmost importance in deciding what would happen in our future.
    Just last week we held a protest in the quad in response to this ludicrous change to our academics. It just so happened that there was a board meeting happening at the same time, this was a fortunate coincidence that helped us access a different and more authoritative audience. Ten minutes after the protest started, Mr.Kaplan and Mr.V came into the center of the ever growing circle to answer our questions and listen to our concerns. We asked questions, and they managed to respond to every issue we had posed in the same way, this went on for about an hour. Overall it was a rather polite and professional conversation between the few speakers who represented the students and Mr.V and Mr.Kaplan who were representing the teachers as a whole and representing the board members to a certain extent.
    When the students dispersed and began walking down to dorms, people started debating whether or not this was considered successful or a waste of time for both teachers and students alike. Rethinking what the teachers said and what the students said now makes me realize that both groups had reasonable arguments. Despite the fact that Mr.Kaplan and Mr.V seemed to reiterate the same answer to each question we asked them. I would say the fact that they took the time to talk to us showed that they want to address our worries, and they don’t want us to fail miserably as we had originally thought.
    Personally, I felt that the students were less persuasive than intended due to that fact that there was no organization in the questions or the method of asking them. It was more about bombarding the teachers with personal complaints which any good debater knows is not how you approach a person of authority. With that being said, at the end of the day, it was incredibly hard to decide which side was more successful. I doubt the administration will go back to the old grading scale, but I do think they should find a way to make the transition better for the sake of our transcripts.
    There is no way to tell how this will affect our future or if this will even benefit us remotely, all we can do is try our hardest and continue to be the best class we can be.

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