Sunday, 4 December 2016

That Brutal Day

In this free verse poem, I reflect on my memories from 10th Grade Activity week, In which my group and I were assigned to conquer the incredible ‘Rupin-Supin’ trek. With a sacrificial goat, a general and his many lieutenant's, Zack Mcloed and Will.I.Am in tow. We somehow managed to make it back to Mussoorie in one piece.

The first day was spent on our hands and knees
Practically crawling up the side of the mountain
Dirt resettled in between our nails and our clothes
Our breaths became short and shallow
The harsh sun rays made the heat alone almost unbearable to keep on walking whilst
The trees around us were a luscious green giving us protection from the blistering sun
The lack of water was problematic and the chlorine tablets tasted bitter in our severely dehydrated mouths
Once we reached the apex of the mountain
The smiles of my fellow group members could be described as beatific

I remember it like it was yesterday
The drowning sense of relief we all felt once we reached our base camp
The chai and the little yet delicious biscuits the Bhaiya’s gave us
The long talks about everything yet nothing at all
The magnificent view of snow-capped mountains glistened underneath the heat of the sun
As the sun began to hide beneath these glorious mountains
The night swept in like a vast sheet of twinkling stars
We all huddled together for the warmth of one another
With the flames of the fire dancing in the darkness
The light it provided highlighted the tiredness underneath everyone's eyes
The sunburn and dark tans that have transferred onto all our faces
Was illuminated in the ever growing darkness

As we bid our farewells and slogged back to our tents
The thin sheet of plastic that made up our shelter rustled endlessly in the middle of the night
Against the wind that made our bones freeze and our teeth chatter

As we drifted off to sleep later that night
I dreamt of the endless amount of waiwai I planned would consume once back at dorms
The hour long shower I planned on taking
Regardless of who was waiting
I even calculated how many more episodes of Sherlock I have before I finished season two
That hopeful blissful night
I went to sleep with the anticipation of waking up in my own bed very soon